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sheffield university arts tower
Sheffield University Arts Tower- Red
Limited edition of 30
uni arts tower yellow 
Sheffield University Arts Tower-Yellow Limited edition of 30
uni arts tower -blue 
Sheffield University       Arts Tower- Blue
Limited edition  of 30 
sheffield University Arts Tower
Sheffield University Arts Tower-White
Limited edition of 20
uni arts tower black
 Sheffield University        Arts Tower- Black
 Limited edition of 50
    Park Hill Walkway - Limited Edition of 20
Park Hill flats Sheffield walkway deck access 
moore street substation, sheffield, sidfletcher, towerblockmetal,
Walkways, Moore St, Sheffield
Limited edition of 20
        Salford,Rodney Street-
       Limited edition of 20
Rodney street salford towerblockmetal 
mulberry tower salford copy (2)
Salford, Mulberry Court-Limited edition of 20
       Martin Street,Sheffield
       Limited edition of 20
ponderosa sheffield  
        Bolsover Street,Sheffield
          Limited edition of 20
bolsover street sheffield 
lansdowne, sheffield, sidfletcher, towerblockmetal, deck access,
 Lansdowne, Sheffield
Limited edition of 20
      Robin Hood Gardens, East London
            Limited edition of 20
robin hood gardens london 
Preston tower block metal, sidfletcher,
Avenham, Preston Limited edition  of 20 
moore st  substation,
Moore Street,
I've decided to release  an assortment  of images that I've been working on (and off!)over the past couple of years rather than releasing individual prints and having to comment and make up the dialogue  behind each piece - Despite my best intentions- I'm somewhat of a chaotic soul and tend to have several projects on the go at once in varying stages of completion. I'd identify most with what some may describe as a process artist - much more concerned in the planning and the process of creating.
This collection reflects several of the many "unfinished Symphonies" that've been sitting dormant on my hard drive over the past 2 years
The collection has no particular strand or theme running through it but as TBM fans will note; illustrates my somewhat chronic  fascination with the Urban environment, Brutalism, High density social housing and Repetition; To some extent this is very generic TowerBlockMetal -If you liked my first offerings then you'll probably love these and conversely if you didn't like TowerBlockMetal  then the chances are -you'll hate this stuff. but hey you've read this far!
I hope you'll find that apart from the Corbusian inspired Arts Tower print ; most this collection is a definite and conscious progression on from earlier TowerBlockMetal imagary.  This isn't to say that I won't be doing that sort of work again but I've been focusing a lot more on my skills in Photoshop and also GIMP ( moving on from Microsoft Paint eh!)
Also I've tried to shift focus away from the much loved Park Hill and Sheffield as a whole and capture other Brutal beauties from my various forays around the UK 
I do hope you like the new work - as always please ReTweet, Repost ,Share on Facebook, Pinterest ,  pass on to friends - flypost onto Subway walls etc
Sid Fletcher
June 2013
ParkHill, sheffield, sidfletcher,towerblockmetal,
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