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This is the page where you really enter my world .......
 I've included  links below to give a bit of a context and history to the buildings and other things that inspire my work.
I am in process of constructing a "TowerBlockTV" page brimming with Youtube clips and library footage watch the site by following on Twitter or adding yourself to the TowerBlockMetal MailingList
If you only look at one link on this page then make sure its Gunkanjima!   - every urban explorers wet dream!
For history of the Ashfield Valley estate, Rochdale
For Hulme crescents click
For features on Park Hill flats, Sheffield, there is tons and tons of  stuff on t'internet
But in my opinion this and this are the best.
Here's a small sample of the others:
Ok Ok i went a bit silly there!
Total and utter TowerBlockPorn from London
Excellent article from Modern Edition on the use of tower blocks as an artform.
Feature from the independent about the rise and fall of tower blocks.
Pictures of Chanov - a very grim Czech village.
Online motorbikegirls blog about exploring Chernobyl.
Absolutely exhaustive and authoritive website and PDF on TOWERBLOCKS.
account of living in Park Hill, Hyde Park and Kelvin.
Brilliant feature on Northernism from Article MAgazine